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The Necessary Entrepreneur

Jun 3, 2024

Welcome to The Necessary Entrepreneur, the podcast where we explore the journeys of visionary leaders who’ve taken the bold step to leave traditional career paths and blaze their own trails in the entrepreneurial world. Our special guest today is Kyle Draper, whose expertise lies at the intersection of social media and content marketing. Kyle is a renowned social media expert, speaker, and coach who has transformed the way businesses and individuals leverage social media for growth and engagement. Kyle is the founder of, where he offers personalized coaching, dynamic workshops, and insightful strategies to help entrepreneurs and real estate professionals maximize their online presence.

With a background in ministry, Kyle brings a unique perspective to social media marketing. He understands the importance of authentic connection and engagement, which has led him to develop innovative approaches to building a personal brand online. His expertise has helped countless entrepreneurs and professionals turn their social media efforts into measurable business success. During the conversation today we talk about his new book “Rethink Everything You Know About Being a Next Gen Loan Officer”, as well as what it takes to become the next John Maxwell, why most people are average, and surrounding yourself with people who have different beliefs than you.

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