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The Necessary Entrepreneur

May 20, 2024

Welcome back to another exciting episode of The Necessary Entrepreneur where we dive deep into the stories and strategies of visionary entrepreneurs who are making a mark in their industries. Our guest today is Jean-François Fletchet, the brilliant founder of Taste of Belgium. Known for bringing the rich flavors and authentic culinary traditions of Belgium to the United States, Jean-François has built an impressive culinary empire that celebrates Belgian gastronomy. He holds a Masters of Science from the largest univeristy in Belgium, and a Masters of Economics from Penn. His entrepreneurial journey is a fascinating blend of passion, innovation, and perseverance. Starting from a humble waffle stand at Findlay Market, he has grown Taste of Belgium into a beloved brand with multiple locations and a dedicated following.

Today, we’ll explore Jean-François’s path to success, the challenges he’s overcome, and the insights he’s gained along the way. From perfecting the art of the Belgian waffle to expanding his brand while maintaining authenticity and quality, Jean-François’s story is a testament to the power of culinary passion and entrepreneurial grit.

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