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The Necessary Entrepreneur

May 13, 2024

Today on The Necessary Entrepreneur we have a fascinating guest joining us- an individual whose passion for the cosmos and dedication to education have made him a shining star in the world of astronomy. It's my pleasure to introduce Dean Regas. Dean's enthusiasm for sharing the wonders of the universe has reached countless individuals of all ages through public events, lectures, and his former role at the Cincinnati Observatory and previous co-host of the popular PBS series Star Gazers. With over 20 years of experience in communicating complex astronomical concepts in a relatable way, Dean has become a household name in the field of science education. Beyond his work in astronomy, Dean is also an entrepreneur. His ability to blend scientific expertise with entrepreneurial vision has enabled him to make a lasting impact on how we engage with and understand the cosmos.

During the conversation, we discuss the differences and friendly rivalry between observational and theoretical astronomers. We also jump into self actualization, internal validation, what makes a brilliant mind, and developing traits to give up the consistent paycheck as an employee, for the sake of the entrepreneurial spirit. Stick around as Dean talks about the recent solar eclipse, going back to the moon, life outside of Earth, the possibility of the existence of aliens, and building a machine to divert an asteroid.

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