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The Necessary Entrepreneur

May 6, 2024

Today on The Necessary Entrepreneur, we have a special guest joining us—a remarkable individual whose talents transcend genres and inspire creativity in unexpected ways. I'm thrilled to introduce you to a true luminary in the world of bluegrass music: Joe Mullins. Joe is the only person in the history of bluegrass music to be awarded album of the year, radio broadcaster of the year, entertainer of the year, and event of the year from the International Bluegrass Music Association. Joe is a second generation radio broadcaster. His father Paul “Moon” Mullins created a legacy in the southwest OH area and is a member of the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame. Joe owns a network of radio stations called Real Roots Radio. He is a member of the full-time touring band Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers, and an event producer. In 2021 Joe produced the 16 track, all-star album titled “Industrial Strength Bluegrass” for a division of Smithsonian Institute. That project has just been expanded to a double lp released May 3rd with seven additional tracks from the original artists. 

During the conversation, Joe talks about his humble beginnings, the importance of family,  the Appalachian Migration, buying AM radio stations in the mid 90s, the difference between a broadcaster and a dj, and how authenticity still works. He also talks about anxiety while performing, being a regular guest on the Grand Ole Opry, getting big name stars together to produce an album of traditional bluegrass music, and leaving behind a legacy. Stick around til the end when Joe talks about “resurrecting the right attitude”.

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