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The Necessary Entrepreneur

Apr 29, 2024

Today on The Necessary Entrepreneur, we're thrilled to have Captain Alan Bernstein joining us. Alan Bernstein is the owner and operator of BB Riverboats, a successful Cincinnati-based company offering scenic river cruises on the Ohio River. But Alan's journey to becoming a riverboat captain is much more than just a love for boats. It's a story of dedication, family, and a lifelong passion for America's waterways.

During the conversation we talk about risk going all the way back to when Alan was a child and his family opened a steakhouse restaurant. We also talk about his “drive not to fail”, knowing your banker, what keeps him up at night, steamboat racing, operating boats on a river, the recent ship and bridge collision in Baltimore, and the next evolution of BB Riverboats. Stick around to hear about Alan’s involvement with Tall Stacks, a Cincinnati tradition dating back to the late 1980s and when to expect the next Tall Stacks and a steamboat race you won’t want to miss.

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