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The Necessary Entrepreneur

Apr 15, 2024

The Necessary Entrepreneur welcomes Markus Kaulius. Markus is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of multiple 8 and 9 figure businesses. Over his 25-plus year career, he grew his supplement company from startup to $170 Million and helped clients worldwide lose over 3 million pounds. He has impacted the lives of over 10 million people. As a thought leader in the industry, he advises multiple 8 & 9-figure companies on growth strategy and has been featured in major media such as PBS, Fox News, Apple TV and CNN. Markus's name is now in the Guinness Record Book as he recently spoke at a conference on financial literacy which broke the attendance record. Markus shares daily insights with his community spanning business strategy, mindset, health, and faith. Through his new venture,, Markus is bringing together the world's greatest minds and sharing lessons learned from his entrepreneurial journey to help other high achievers break free from imbalance and feelings of discontent so they can find fulfillment beyond career success.

During the conversation, Markus talks about his new book Play a Bigger Game and the 7 principles to life’s fulfillment. Mark & Markus also talk about what elite performers have in common, becoming the “authentic you” without settling for complacency, comparing yourself to who you were yesterday, and finding balance with social media. Stick around to the end when Markus tells us about the Charles Dickens Principle and why billionaires are talking about journaling.

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