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The Necessary Entrepreneur

Mar 25, 2024

The Necessary Entrepreneur welcomes Nick Papas. Nick is 4th generation CEO of Papas Candies right here in Covington, KY. Papas Candies started with humble beginnings; one man with a dream. Papas Candies has been a family owned and operated business for over six decades through four generations. Nick started working as an employee, after college, cooking candy and was always eager to learn how things worked. In 2018, Nick was able to buy the family business. Now, Nick and his cousins are tasked with the daily operations of running a small business and making candy with the same recipes in small batches folding tradition and care into every bite.

During the conversation, Mark & Nick discuss pride, paying employees more than yourself, dealing with turmoil, what to do when you’re stuck, calculator risk, and finding a mentor. They also dive into manufacturing vs retail, giving back to the community, “coast mode” of working for someone else, and the origins of opera cream. Stick around as Nick tells us his top 3 favorite Papas Candies products.

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