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The Necessary Entrepreneur

Mar 18, 2024

The Necessary Entrepreneur welcomes David Gaz. David is the founder & creative director of The Bureau of Small Projects. With over 20 years of experience marketing fortune 500 companies and major brands, the team at The Bureau of Small Projects leverages their expertise and relationships to build quality websites, mobile apps and print collateral for non-profits to increase donations and to help small businesses who are making a difference convert visitors into customers. David Gaz also directed the critically acclaimed documentary, Kindness Is Contagious, a film all about being nice and the benefits of it.

During the conversation, Mark & David talk about hiring people smarter than you, firing clients from hell, augmenting customer greatness, that five star reviews don’t mean perfection, and that making a series of small changes over time yields the biggest impacts. They also talk about catastrophizing, simplifying processes, and that luck is behavioral. Stick around as David tells us the one thing all successful companies do similarly.

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