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The Necessary Entrepreneur

Jan 22, 2024

The Necessary Entrepreneur welcomes Micah Carroll, President & CEO of The Rookwood Pottery Company located in the Over-The-Rhine neighborhood right here in Cincinnati. The company was first founded in 1880 by pioneering artist Maria Longworth-Nichols. She built the company into a world-renowned ceramics studio, attracting the attention of famed artists and ceramicists all over the world. Today, Rookwood continues to build upon its rich heritage and creates the highest quality Art Pottery and Architectural Tile in the United States.

During the conversation, Mark & Micah talk about being present, investing in people, & taking ownership in every task. They also talk about sweat equity, making big BIGGER, measuring efficiency & effectiveness, risk tolerance, and taking the time to understand our own “why”. Stick around as Micah tells us why knowledge is the biggest drug in life.

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