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The Necessary Entrepreneur

Dec 11, 2023

The Necessary Entrepreneur welcomes Chase Crawford, founder of Four by Three Productions. Chase launched his career by creating viral fake Taco Bell commercials in his hometown. He rose to prominence writing and directing commercials for the real Taco Bell while still in high school. After high school, he began producing feature films under the Four by Three moniker, working with stars such as Adam Conover, Joe Chrest and Cody Kearsley, to bring nearly 20 independent films to life between 2017-2020. In response to the pandemic, he expanded Four by Three beyond production and into distribution, securing deals with Tubi, AppleTV, Prime Video among others. During this time, he decided to launch Four by Three Comedy. He has since produced over 70 comedy specials, hundreds of millions of views on social media, and worked with comedy legends such as Mark Normand and Wayne Brady. Crawford is a Forbes Next 1000 alumni.

Mark & Chase discuss identifying talent, distinguishing good from bad, how far is too far, eliminating boundaries, improving empathy, the duties of a producer, building a social network following, and the best place to see a comedy show.  

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