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The Necessary Entrepreneur

Dec 4, 2023

The Necessary Entrepreneur welcomes Imteaz Ahamed. He is the head of performance marketing for the infant nutrition business unit at Reckitt. He's a data-driven leader known for delivering scalable solutions, seizing high-growth opportunities, and leading multidisciplinary teams globally. His expertise lies in developing industry-leading practices, managing end-to-end content, social and commerce experiences for the omnichannel shopper, and driving business performance through digital strategies. He also mentors early-stage startups & entrepreneurs from all over the world and is an avid fan of hackathons. His career has spanned across Sydney, London, Amsterdam, and the United States. Be sure to check out his podcast and newsletter titled Applied Intelligence where he looks at practical applications of AI and ways it will drive growth and productivity. During our conversation, Mark & Imteaz discuss what makes a good leader, two sins of marketing, the future of searching, the spirit of creation, managing your ego, and teaching kids habits and consistency so they learn discipline.

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