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The Necessary Entrepreneur

Nov 13, 2023

The Necessary Entrepreneur welcomes Dre Baldwin, CEO and Founder of Work On Your Game Inc. He has given 4 TEDxTalks and has authored 33 books. Dre’s content has been viewed over 100 million times. His daily Work On Your Game Podcast has over 2,600 episodes and over 7 million listeners. Dre had a 9-year professional basketball career, playing in 8 countries. Dre’s framework is the "roadmap in reverse" for professional mindset, strategy, systems and execution.

During the conversation, Mark & Dre discuss the importance of asking the right questions, that everybody needs a coach, sometimes small talk leads to big talk, and knowing how to sell yourself. They also talk about the term mindset and how it is a hot topic currently but never used to be said. Dre also talks about leaving a legacy and why it’s significant to him, the influence Gary Vee had on him years ago, and the importance of the collaboration era.

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