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The Necessary Entrepreneur

Oct 30, 2023

The Necessary Entrepreneur welcomes Neal Hoffman, a Shark Tanker, CEO of FanRoll by Metallic Dice Games, and Creator of Mensch on a Bench, the most publicized brand to ever come out of Shark Tank. Mensch on a Bench started as a way to bring more Funukkah to Hanukkah.  FanRoll Dice creates high-end accessories and experiences for the tabletop gaming market through creativity and innovation.

Mark & Neal talk about when the idea hit for Mensch on a Bench, the struggle to make it happen, and pitching it on Shark Tank. Neal also talks about buying and marketing FanRoll Dice, failing small, not fearing rejection, knowing what you’re good at, learning your breaking point, taking strategic risks, having an expandable capacity, and the importance of community and sticking together. Mark's favorite is when Neal talks about knowing where to make money and where to make a difference.

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