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The Necessary Entrepreneur

Sep 25, 2023

The Necessary Entrepreneur welcomes Cordelia Heaney, President & CEO, Corporation for Findlay Market. Cordelia is an experienced leader in food access, gender equity and economic justice advocacy, with a background including non-profit, government and higher education. Her multi-sector knowledge brings unique skills to diverse organizations. Findlay Market is Ohio's oldest continuously operated public market that connects farmers, producers, sellers, and customers since 1852. It is one of Cincinnati's most cherished institutions, welcoming more than one million visitors each year. Findlay Market was voted Top 10 Public Markets in the World by Newsweek Magazine in 2019. Findlay Market Opening Day Parage is a legendary Cincinnati Tradition for over 100 years.

Mark & Cordelia dig into Cordelia's background personally and professionally. They get into some details about the significance of Findlay Market and if public markets will be a thing in the US in the next 100 years or so. They discuss public markets vs grocery markets, non profit organizations vs for profit organizations, using passion to become an expert in something, and how Cincinnati is becoming the Food Destination of the Midwest.

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