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The Necessary Entrepreneur

Sep 11, 2023

The Necessary Entrepreneur welcomes Ben Schmidt, Purveyor of Hydration, and President Kelly Heekin from HOIST IV-Level Hydration. HOIST is unlike other hydration drinks because it closely matches your body's natural osmolality. It is 110% more hydrating that water with 3x the electrolytes and half the sugar of traditional sports drinks. HOIST is so effective, it's been chosen as the electrolyte hydration solution by the US Military and authorized by the Department of Defense. 

Mark, Ben, & Kelly talk about the origins of HOIST, as it began as a hangover cure more than a dozen years ago and how it has been rebranded in redesigned bottles as the "go-to" hydration brand for the US Military. They talk about osmolality and taste components. Ben discusses what he calls the "Midwestern Mindset" as well as Cincinnati enamored success. They talk about their close group of friends, support at thome, scaling their business, working distribution deals across the country, and that it takes tremendous capital to make money. 

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