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The Necessary Entrepreneur

Jul 24, 2023

The Necessary Entrepreneur welcomes 20-year investor, advisor, and CEO at Ubiquitous Energy (UE), Susan Stone. Mark & Susan talk about how Susan became CEO of UE, climate tech/clean tech, the secret of VC's, rating metrics 10+ yrs into a company vs early VC, what makes a great CEO, goal setting, solar window pricing, and more.

Susan Stone has been a longtime board member and investor at UE. Prior to joining
the company, she was the founder and CEO of Sierra Wasatch Capital, an early stage venture capital firm. She managed early stage investing for Riverhorse Investments, Inc., worked at JPMorgan in New York, as well as Houlihan Lokey in Los Angeles. Stone is a former investment banker in mergers & acquisitions.

Ubiquitous Energy was founded in 2011 and started by a group of MIT and MSU scientists and engineers looking for new ways to reduce humanity’s carbon footprint by seamlessly integrating solar power technology into everyday products and surfaces. The Ubiquitous Energy core technology, UE PowerTM, is a transparent solar coating that integrates into standard windows.

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