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The Necessary Entrepreneur

Jan 9, 2023

The Necessary Entrepreneur welcomes Phil Breen, owner of Phil's Records in Latonia, KY. While podcast host Mark Perkins is in Spain, Dave Wiener slides from behind the production desk and guest hosts the show talking about what he knows and loves best, music. Phil's Records has been a staple in the Tri State area since 1989 and at one point had a total of 6 stores. Before opening his own business, Phil already had years of experience under his belt as a store manager of another record store that used to be in the area.  With over 4 decades in the record business, Phil talks about how times have changed with physical media over the years and how even with vinyl on the upswing, today's top artists aren't moving product anywhere near the volume artists used to due to today's digital world. Dave & Phil discuss Record Store Day, past and present customer trends, and some highlights of Phil's career like hosting Ticketmaster in stores before the internet and throwing a 10 year store anniversary concert at Coney Island's Moonlite Gardens featuring Billy Joe Shaver and The V-Roys. Before the algorithms of streaming sites suggested what else we might like to listen to, the person behind the counter at your local record store was the tastemaker. Phil's Records is located at 3914 Winston Ave, Latonia, KY 41015.